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I was born in September 1953 in Wiesbaden, Germany. I still live not far away, between the river Rhine and the Taunus mountains in the Rheingau district.
During my childhood my parents introduced me to the world of hiking in the low mountain range of the Taunus. At the end of the 60s I went to the Alps for the first time and have returned there very often.
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After making several private mountain tours in the Alps during the 70s, I joined the German Mountaineers Club (DAV) in 1984. Up to the middle of the 90s I undertook regular tours in the Alps with the DAV Summit Club (tour operator of DAV) to the higher regions of the mountains, hence my preference for glaciers.
In order to achieve better fitness for such tours, I used to make regular one week cycling tours of Germany.
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It was in 1998 when I wanted to know more about the mountains of the world, and therefore I left Europe for the first time. Meanwhile the preparatory cycling tours don't take place in Germany any longer, but mostly in France. Since then I have gone on long journeys at least once a year, and with so many destinations in my mind, I would actually need more holidays and the hope of healthiness to manage such tours.
In all these tours I met so many friendly people, that communication by mail and sending photos was simply too much for me. That's why at the beginning of 2003 I decided to create an internet website and to publish my travel journals there. Perhaps the people who read them will like them and even feel encouraged to make such tours themselves.
I would welcome e-mail contact.
October 2003
Kurt Merkert

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